Easter Egg Cupcake Wreath

Thanks for having me on today This Morning baking from my kitchen ☺️ it was really fun!
Thanks to the amazing team who helped and guided me make it work with the social distancing🙌 I’m glad I didn’t smash any cameras 🤣

I did miss seeing lovely Ruth and Eamonn and of course the wonderful crew, but it was fabulous to chat and show all of you how to make this fun Easter cupcake wreath!


If you fancy baking this it’s a really fun project to do for everyone and ESPECIALLY with the kids! You can use any recipe, or use shop bought cakes or biscuits if you prefer just to do the decorating. Something to bring a bit of cheer during the lockdown.
I’d love to see pics of any Easter baking you do, wishing everyone a happy, sunny and SAFE Easter weekend. #stayhome & #staysafe 🙏💕

Check it out on This Morning’s website:

Juliet Sear’s Easter Egg Cupcake Wreath!