Collaboration with Her Dark Materials

A couple of weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure and honour to work with the legend that is Her Dark Materials🙏 it was brilliant. Ros is truly fantastic and such an artist the way she shoots and captures the light. I went along and cake bombed her pretty Cotswolds cottage, we had a blast! It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but this one is certainly up there!! More to come. This is a brown sugar and cinnamon sponge with caramel drizzle.
I did leave a huge amount of cake debris plus a few pieces of my equipment (sorry Ros!!) but hope that all of the cakes and bakes I left with Ros and family made up for it. I’ll be back! 👩‍🍳








Another gorgeous shot by Ros…

These are Chocolate Ganache tarts, so delicious and captured perfectly by the mistress of light! Incredible work Ros!