Fault line Sprinkle Cake

How about this for a cake decorating project?!
It looks epic but in fact it’s pretty easy as long as you’ve got a palette knife and a straight crumb coated cake ☺️ If you fancy giving this a crack, head over to my YouTube channel and have a watch! Many people have been messaging me about being in lockdown and having to attempt a birthday cake for a loved one when they would never have dreamed of doing it before, so there’s loads of videos on my channel and inspo 🥰👩‍🍳🍰🌈💕 Thanks for the video Dan and Lola my right hand man! And not forgetting Truly Sprinkles for the amazing sprinkletti!
Hope you all enjoy the video and if you make one I’d love to see pics! 🥰


Xxx 💕
🎂 🥰