Malteaser Bunny Brownie Fault Line Cake!

Happy Easter!! Something to take our minds of the current situation…..let’s BAKE!! This is a 4 layer chocolate brownie cake, layered with milky chocolate ganache frosting and decorated in a #faultline style ☺️ I used cake crumbs trimmed for the top of the cake sponges to create this dark earthy burrow effect. The cake is decorated all over with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and of course topped off with playful bunnies digging for carrots 🥕🥰👩‍🍳🍰🍫🐰 This 📸 is by the wonderful Tara Fisher from our fun chocolate job with Style Department and the fantabulous Lola assisting. Oh what fun!! Wishing you all a peaceful, sunny and safe Easter!