You won’t find more deliciously awesome cakes on planet Earth!

Not only do they look unbelievable but they taste so, so incredible that my mouth is watering just writing these words. And to top all that off, they are made with care and passion by such a lovely, lovely person.

Tom Fletcher, McFly

Cake? That’s like saying Concorde was a plane! Juliet does delicious art. The most beautiful, yummiest cakes I’ve ever seen or tasted.

Bob Geldof

Juliet knocked up the most mind-blowing birthday cake for my 30th! It wasn’t just a cake but a piece of art! Too good to eat? Sure… But we still tucked in and my God it tasted as good as it looked!

Fearne Cotton

Working with Juliet is really fantastic!

Her energy, passion and enthusiasm for everything Cake and Bake and her unique style and ideas are brilliant. She worked on content for many of our award winning shows and helped us to bring fantastic interactive baking experiences to life for the thousands of visitors that came. She is a true baking pro!

Luke Collings

My go-to!

Juliet has been my go to girl for all my celebration cakes for many years. She gets the balance of skill, flavour, texture and decoration just right every time.

Gizzi Erskine

She takes a challenge in her stride!

We had the pleasure of working with Juliet several times and gave her some pretty ambitious projects that most food artists would not have the confidence to do. She takes a challenge in her stride, always pulls a great team together and brilliantly brings our edible art briefs to life. She is professional, hands-on, very understanding of budgets, upfront and a fast worker…our client has always been impressed with her creations and work ethic and she has been a great partner and consultant for our PR department. We’ve said it before but we honestly don’t think there is anything that Juliet can’t do! She is now our go-to person for baking projects and events as we can fully trust her to deliver a fantastic and high quality piece of work.

Ana Thorsdottir