The Perfect Syrup Sponge Pudding: This Morning

Fancy making this DEEEEELICIOUS and easy Syrup Sponge Pudding? It’s pretty chilly right now so this is the perfect comfort food to warm and sweeten you up on a chilly evening!
Reasons why this baked version beats the traditional steamed version? It is lighter and more springy than its steamed friend. It is quicker to cook (takes half the time it would if you steamed it!) * You get a really perfect lovely even layer of the syrupy lake over the top of each slice so no need to fight 🥰 It’s easier and prettier to serve! AND Phil and Holly said it is the best one they have EVER tasted which makes me very happy indeed! And the whole crew agreed too. I can tell you you won’t regret it if you make one!

To get the recipe for this and have a watch on ITV head over to the website 🥰👩‍🍳💕

My Syrup Sponge Recipe and Video…